About Us

Haveli was conceptualised by Mr. Satish Jain with the vision to keep the rich traditions and culture Of Punjab alive for generations to come. His dream shaped into reality with the inception of the first Haveli at Jalandhar based on the traditional rural aspect of Punjab. With the immediate positive audience response and growing popularity of Haveli Jalandhar, Mr.Jain initiated the construction of Haveli Murthal highlighting a contrasting facet of Bygone Punjabi Culture.

As the name suggests, Haveli Murthal is based on the theme of Royalty, highlighting the era of The Maharaja's in Punjab. The theme is beautifully translated right from the entrance. The venue itself depicts a Magnificent Palace and has a life size mock-up of a Vintage car at the entrance. Once you enter you will get an experiential of a king's Lifestyle owing to the palatial décor. The place is designed to portray grandeur and class, emphasized by enormous chandeliers. Another exclusive feature is the exclusive mural paintings hung around the venue capturing the essence of that era.

The delicious food and impeccable hospitality will make you feel royalty.

The place truly stands up to the promise of Haveli offering food fit for the kings.