About Us

Rangla Punjab is the true representation of an age-old Punjabi Village. Once you enter the place you will be transported back in time to experience the grandeur yet simplicity of bygone times.

The décor of the place has been set-up with intricate detailing, highlighting every aspect needed to familiarise the guest with the true culture of the olden times. You will find various sculptures of Punjabis engaged in different acts viz. weaving, dancing, playing marbles, fetching water etc. In the centre foyer the well- water fetching mechanism is demonstrated with the help of a real bull & a mock-up well. There are sections of the place dedicated to re-creating replicas of a subedaar's house, a kitchen with brass vessels, jeweller's store and a mock-up model of a village allowing the guests to get a real glimpse of that era.

Evenings at the place witness a Punjabi Mela set-up, electrified with live bhangra-gidda performances and street plays. There are numerous activities viz. Puppetry, Magic show, Pottery, astrology, bioscope, camel-rides & horse-rides to keep the guests captivated.

The Buffet served in-doors will re-enforce the belief of Punjab's adored Hospitality. The staff treats every guest as a valued invitee offering delicacies time and again.

Visit us & give us a chance to bestow you with a cultural bonanza of Punjab in its truest sense.